We believe that all humans are born creative and curious. Furthermore, we know that we are a social species that thrive on building strong communities where collaboration, diversity and an attitude of sharing and giving is not only promoted but encouraged.

We who sign this manifesto create work spaces where people can come together to share these values and work to maximize their full potential as dreamers, thinkers and doers.

We promise to respect each other and we live by the motto; treat others the way you would like to be treated. We are open. We welcome change and evoluotion, and we recognize that failure is part of learning. We support each otherduring tough times.

By practicing honesty, trust and hard work and believing in it to the core, we work to attain our end goal of building a better world while nurturing a community of happy people and healthy relationships.

Explorer HQ is the company that will manage this vision and do all possible to make it become a reality. In order for this to happen, Explorer HQ must be financially healthy and operate as a for profit organization. However, rest assured that any profit created by the operation will be funneled back into the mission of creating the best possible work environment for its members.

Therefore we, the founders, sign this manifesto and promise to each other that we will do our best to make Explorer HQ and all its work spaces this powerhouse of joy, passion, creativity and honest hard work we all believe we need.